eve knows


" 11th. Commandment "
- Can I Have A Hallelujah For Those Skanks, Sluts and Slappers -

Just as the sun sets, Skank can usually be found on her knees giving head on beach road walkway, opposite the Royalgardens. 
She usually propositions potential customers around seven pm, she charges five hundred to a thousand depending on your perversion.
Sorry Guys I will only give her home address and phone number to Members.
Skanks will do anything you demand. They do not exhibit the fuckin stupid MickeyMouse behavior the stunning looking ones do. They don't want to be adored goddesses and they don't argue nor bitch around. That makes them low-maintenance and a pleasure to be with, most of them are actually quite friendly.
If that ugly face bothers you while you ream her back-door, just throw a pillow over her face or quickly spin her round and do it doggy style.

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